Are your staff trained on Emergency Preparedness? Are your staff fully informed of best guidelines on personal security and safety, Residential Security?

Are your staff aware of what to do in an active shooter Scenario? Or Confronted in a Terrorist Attack? We are currently running a Staff Security Training that answers your questions and help your staff develop good Security practices. A growing and established Security and safety management system gives your organization a competitive edge by protecting your employees, and assets of your organization.

Victory Security Group Africa has introduced an in house Staff Security and Emergency Preparedness Training which assists your staff to develop good Security practices both at their residences and at their places of work. The climax of the training is focused on best practices during emergencies. This includes Fire Safety, Terrorism, Active Shooter, etc.

 Training Modules:

This training is highly interactive and includes group discussions, videos, case studies, and syndicate work. For booking urgently contact us on

Why Victory Protective Services Africa


A Partner fully committed to your Organizational development.


Tailor-made Security & Safety Solutions plus seamless world-class delivery.


A Partner fully committed to your Organizational development.