Victory Protective Services Africa conducts Physical Security & Threat Audit & Assessment on the client’s property in Kenya and other African Countries.

Through this, the client will be guaranteed a truthful and unbiased view and full analysis of their actual physical security status. No security solutions are thus predetermined prior to the investigation phase and the thorough review of all gathered data.

All recommendations are based on the outcome and then researched extensively. Through this Assessment the Client is able to make correct decisions for Organization.

Our risk assessment consulting and risk analysis programs are based on industry best practices and performed by knowledgeable experts trained in the field of risk assessment. Each risk assessment seeks to the following basic task:-

  • Identify the specific assets that need to be protected
  • Identify and quantify the types of risks that could identify the assets.
  • Determine the criticality of each potential risk event

Why Victory Protective Services Africa


A Partner fully committed to your Organizational development.


Tailor-made Security & Safety Solutions plus seamless world-class delivery.


A Partner fully committed to your Organizational development.