Victory Protective Services K-9 Detection Dogs are highly trained to discover even tiny trace amounts of their target odour.

Explosives Detection Dogs can detect everything from improvised explosive devices to Weapons, Drugs and Ammunition.

Narcotic Detection Dogs can be used for proactive searches of structures, areas, learning Institutions, Vehicles or Luggages, or for the passive screening of people.

They give our clients a versatile solution to the complex problem of drugs.

Victory Protective Detection Dogs, regardless of their target odour, provide a methodical and focused search of any open or closed terrain, all vehicle types, luggage and structures to locate a threat.

No object or area is left un-searched.

Victory Protective Service Explosives Detection Canine (K-9) Teams include a Highly Trained Detection Dog and an Enforcement Handler.
Our highly trained and motivated Victory Protective Services Group Staff and Disciplined K9 team provides exactly the right response every time you need them.